Why does my universal programmable remote stop working with Media Center after upgrading to Windows 7?

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Windows Media Center includes a filter that helps make sure that the computer doesn’t interpret a single button click as multiple clicks. This is called Debounce. this is a problem if you are using a non wins rc-6 based remote or an app installed on an iphone or android device.

When you have installed or upgraded to Windows 7 the registry setting was set back to the default (Enabled). To correct this you need to disable Debounce by setting the EnableDebounce value to 0 in the following registry key:


You’ll have to restart your computer for this change to take effect. After setting this registry key the remote should work as it did before the upgrade.

I have made a registry edit file available to “Right click save as” Download due to the limitations of the interweb you will need to save it as a txt file then rename it as .reg

Playing with the registry can be a dangerous game, 1 wrong move and windows wont start, that is why i have made the file so all you have to do is run it.
While I am 100% certain that the above downloadable file works and does no harm to your operating system i take no responsibility for the use of the file.
The file is a text file written in notepad and saved as a .reg file and contains the following text:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Any way that you choose to modify the registry the system will require a restart to take effect, however you don’t have to restart immediately but the debounce will not be switched off until a restart has occurred else the script will not work.