When is BT Infinity Coming to Chichester Area

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Well the more tech savvy of you may already know the answer to this, but as of recently the BT website has updated its information and is now showing that BT infinity will be available from 30th September 2012.
UPDATE 13/7/2012

Now been put back to December 31st 2012

While this seems like great news i had a chat with a Bt technician the other day who was working on the Chichester – Singleton Fiber optic upgrade and it was his opinion that while the Exchange at Chichester is fibre ready the cabling to streets and houses was not.
It seems that it is more likely that work will commence on rolling out the necessary cables and local junction boxes on or around that date and the BT Infinity firbe optic broadband service will go live shortly after (i would estimate around end of October).

If your coming to the end of your Current broadband contract it maybe worth not renewing or changing your current supplier to get a better deal and hold out for 6 -7 months for possible fiber optic broadband at the end of 2012 rather than taking out a 12 or 18 month contract and not being able to move over until spring / summer 2013. That said if your with BT during the go live they will let you upgrade to fiber without charge.

The Upgrade process is fairly simple but it take a while first they have to run new fibre cables along side the current copper ones these will terminate in new boxes that will appear alongside the current GPO green boxes where the current copper wires terminate, the fiber optics will then be patched through to the copper boxes at near your house.
Because it would be exceptionally costly to run new fibres into each house individually at some point Bt will have to use existing copper wires from your house to the local box so dependent on how far you live from you local green box expect to receive somewhere between 20-35mbps speeds.

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  1. Terry Farrell

    There’s be a load of work done in my area at all the roadside cabinets, so I checked the latest availability for infinity this morning.

    The ready date has changed from Dec 2012 to Mar 2013. If this slips any further, I’ll be in my grave.

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