Twitter header template

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After setting up a recent charity website i found it was a quite difficult to get a decent header image the right size without crashing the text generated by the text fields in the options for bio, location and website address.

So i have created 2 PSD file templates with multiple layers and pixel guides, each layer can be switched off individually allowing you to see where your new text or images may go and line up. this give you maximum ability to get your picture or message across in the manner you want with minimal fuss. when you have your content in place simply switch off all template layers and save as jpeg. All sizes/dimensions are included in pixels.
Twitter header template minimal
There are a few ways to look at the header:

  • A header that will be fixed and is unlikely to be changed
  • A header that needs maximum impact with images and logos
  • A header that needs plenty of info but little in the way of images
  • A header that needs info but needs to be updated regularly

Inserting your website address on twitter is a must as it provides a clickable link direct you your page of choosing great for inbound links and SEO i have included space for website address on both PSD files.
Twitter header template 1
If your unlikely to change your header often you can create text boxes in Photoshop and place text exactly where you want it giving you maximum control over your header space, if you like to change things up it might be better to use the reserved space and key in the changes using the Bio box o twitter.

The templates are here if you have Photoshop and you need help just email me.