Speed Up Your PC or Laptop

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One of the main bug bears of owning a PC or Laptop computer is that after a while it seems to slow down ad take forever to do things, this can be easily remedied using free tools available from the downloads page.

Most of the time if you computer is running slow its due to a software issue, this could be a program that malfunctioning or malware (bad software) or just eh sheer volume of programs running at any one time.

Things to do:

  • Clear your internet browser cache
  • Empty your recycle bin
  • Scan for malware
  • Uninstall unnecessary programs
  • Remove tool bars

A browser can live fine without tool bars however websites will always insist that you need to have their toolbar or their toolbar is best, essentially there’s nothing on them you cant live without and for the majority most of them are there for advertising or data capture of what sites you visit etc. The more tool bars you have the slower your browsing experience will be, and some tool bars are known to attract viruses.

We offer a mobile Computer repair service in Chichester and Bognor Regis and the surrounding areas if you are not confident in any of the above solutions we will be happy to come and do it for you.