Nvidia Graphics Card

The majority of non technically minded will buy a new computer when the old one slows down or doesn’t do what they would like it to do.
However major system improvements can be achieved with some simple upgrades.

Whether or not you have Windows XP, Vista or even Windows 7 there’s always something you can do, some examples of increasing system speed are installing more ram, dedicated graphics cards, faster hard drives, newer operating systems the list goes on.
Some of these names you may have heard of some you may not, the technical side if it is not your job its mine!

We can install new components to systems that will make them feel as fast as they did when they were brand new at a fraction of the cost of a new system.
depending on the age of the system you may only need a few extras.

If your happy with your current screen keyboard mouse etc. why spend out on a whole new system, just upgrade the parts that need it.

motherboard bundle

A new motherboard processor and ram kit can cost as little as £100 plus fitting usually 2-4 hours including a refreshed operating system that’s about half the cost of a new computer with all the benefits.

Need more space for you photos?
Simply add a 2nd drive to back up and store photos without having to buy an expensive external drive.


Upgrade to a blu-ray drive to watch HD movies on your PC or home network for under £100.

Want to see better quality photos or movies?
Go for a graphics card upgrade. prices from £25 +fitting
Adding a dedicated graphics card will release more of the processor speed for applications and make the system faster.

Noisy computer?
upgrade the cooling system. Prices from £20 +fitting

Broadband Speed…
Many people will take out a broadband contract and not upgrade it for years, speeds are increasing and new providers are coming in to the local telephone exchanges all the time, so it is wise to check you are getting what your paying for and also not paying the for something that is available for half the price.
Broadband providers will not tell you if there is a cheaper service available they will keep charging you until you call them about it.
Broadband speed checker details will be here shortly.

Every user has their own requirements based on their own PC use and we can offer many ways of improving your pc or laptop.

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