New Year – New secure Password

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Every year we all make some kind of new years resoloution, some of them we keep some we dont.
Consider the new year as a new fresh start on line create yourself a secure password for all your online sites

there are many password generators out there but are they any good recent tests have shown that with automatic password cracking software an 8 character password can be done in an hour and a half (1.5 hrs) which all things considered isnt very long at all, and that includes ” special ” characters !@#$%^&() and so on.

the key to a secure password is length just by extending the length of your password by 4 charachter to 12 this 1.5hr cracking time would incrase to an estimated 17,134 years. i think we all agree that probably covers most of our life spans.

so how do you go about how to create a secure password?

As mentioned above it doesnt have to contain special charaters however some websites require at least 1 number to form part of your password
some security experts recommend just using 3 or 4 short ramdom words that you wont forget (3×4 letters or 4 x 3 letters)
eg. Pink Pigs Fly Sky ( ok so thats 14 charaters) but you can see 4 easy words but when used together pinkpigsflysky thats a dammed secure password
so what about those websites that require a number? simplicty is the key here.
Just change 1 or more vowels to numbers i=1 e=3 a=4 o=0 by using numbers the passwords become only slightly more secure so theres no need to change all of the voewls.

Another way to make an easy to use password is to take someone or 2 peoples names and add your part of your date of birth this could be your something like this “mum01011990dad” replacing mum and dad with acutal names and choosing just a few numbers ie: just the day or month / year or short year ‘mum1990dad’.

You may well be worried about people knowing your passwords and watching you type them in and hacking your bank or other websites like facebook.
heres another tip first create your new password. and update all your regurlar sites that you visit with it.
then for those high secuirty websites that your worried about choose the same password but inlcude 1 or 2 random caps on the letter ‘muM1990Dad’
anyone watching you will think you typed in your normal password but wont see you holding the shift key (if your fast or clever enough).

You dont have to put the number in the middle it can be on either end.

Start the new year safe! make this one resolution that you keep.