1. A minimum workbench fee of £40 applies to any work carried out that results in the fixing of any fault, labour is charged at £40 per hour for the first hour and £10 per each 15 minute block thereafter where work is in progress and we will contact you if labour is likely to exceed 3 hours or hardware replacements are likely to exceed £100, otherwise we will assume your acceptance for us to complete your repair.
  2. Call outs after 9pm or before 9am are classed as out of hours and the emergency rate will be charged in accordance with out charges as laid out on the website click here to see page
  3. If worked is not completed within agreed time due to our fault the applicable lower hourly rate will be applied.
  4. Service and repairs completed at leisure will be charged at £25 per hour for the first hour and £5 per each 15 minute block thereafter where work is in progress, if there is no work underway at the time of booking your work may be completed sooner at the normal lower rate.
  5. We accept payments by Cash Cheque or PayPal (please enquire) if paid via PayPal a 4% fee applies.
  6. All repairs are covered by our 7 day return to base guarantee. Which means if the same fault re-occurs within a short period of time (normally 7 days) and you return your PC to us, we will happily re investigate the problem. Where the re investigation charges exceed previous charges, we reserve the right to invoice the difference.
  7. All parts supplied are covered by our 30 day warranty and thereafter the standard manufacturer’s warranty.
  8. We will not be liable for any loss of data or the consequences of such a loss ; we therefore recommend that any data is adequately backed up prior to us commencing work on your equipment. We can provide a backup service at the usual costs per hour for such a service but cannot guarantee if any data is lost due to faulty equipment.( a backup can normally be done within the hour onto our secure storage unit)
  9. A “system re-installation” only includes the following:

    1. Complete erasure of hard disk drive
    2. Re-installation of windows operating system
    3. Installation of hardware drivers (additional costs may be charged for sourcing of drivers if not supplied by customer) (if required).
    4. Installation of system updates up-to an inducing the latest service pack ( additional updates maybe required when unit is returned)
    5. Installation of AVG Internet security trial & updates.
    6. Any additional software or hardware such as printers/scanners or broadband will require an onsite visit at our standard rates.
    7. Any transfer of old data or recovered data is not included.

  10. We reserve the right to refuse to install software if we suspect that it is not legal or correctly licensed. We will be unable to install licensed software without a valid license. Your data may be copied and stored on our backup devices at times, and we reserve the right to contact relevant authorities should illegal files (offensive materials) or activity be identified on your equipment. ( downloaded music, films and software will not be reported as I can not be 100% sure of content, they well maybe legitimate back up copies of original discs)
  11. Phone call and conversations maybe recorded for training, legal or confirmation purposes.
  12. Equipment not collected 14 days after the job completion will incur a daily storage fee of £5 per day and after 30 days we will assume you no longer want your equipment back and will dispose of it accordingly. If we intend to dispose of your equipment in this way you will be informed in writing before hand. Any funds received will be used to recover costs incurred by your repairs and any reaming funds will be refunded to you at the address provided on your equipment receipt. Any goods not collected after 180 days will be disposed of regardless of ownership
  13. We reserve the right to refuse to return equipment if you fail to produce this receipt or other proof of ownership, or refuse to pay for work satisfactorily completed.

These terms and conditions are subject to change and any time without prior notice to you and do not affect your statutory rights.