Iphone 3gs / 4 / 4s battery life very short or multiple ring tones for messages

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Well its been a short while since the Ios 5 has been released and there have been a number of issues surrounding the update, although the update is in general very welcome and provides some much needed and useful features, there have been some issues. 2 that i have personally come across are thankfully both fixed in the same method.
1. a stuttering message tone on receipt of text message or notification.
2 extremely short battery life on the iphone 4s (less than 12 hours on standby).

turns out that the ios5 that runs on iphone 4s is slightly different to that of the iphone 4 and iphone 3gs each phone containing different firmware as well so if you get a new iphone and restore it from the old iphones back up you end up confusing it basicly.

The FIX:
to fix this isnt as bad as it first seems.
1. Firstly open itunes and goto edit and preferences, click on the devices tab and jsut have a mental note of your last back up.
2. now plug in your iphone and right click it ( from the left coloumn and run a fresh back up.
3. go back to preferences and make a note of the time/date of the back up you just ran.
4. delete all previous back ups leaving just the new one.
5. Right click on the iphone again and choose restore.
6. When prompted YOU MUST CHOOSE SET UP IPHONE AS NEW PHONE. (very important ) else this fix wont work.
7. Once the restore has completed and the phone is set up as new ( you may need to change the name of the phone) you can then restore from the back up you made earlier.
8. during the restore the phone will make a new back up . its very important that you dont use this one as the back up and use the earlier one.
9. restart phone and you should now have inscreased battery life and text alerts that sound normal.

hope you found this helpful.
UPDATE 07/11/2011
while this works on some phones it appears that it doesnt work on all, but its worth a shot right? this is damn annoying New MR apple!

UPDATE 11/11/2011

UPDATE 1/12/2011
Go to general and settings in the sound options turn off vibrate, ( you can leave vibrate for silent to “on”)
this may help im currently testing this with some sucesss.

please leave a comment below if any of this helped you.

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  1. daveo

    also just a mention, go into notifications, click on messages, turn “view in lock screen” to OFF and this solves all the problems of the stutter.

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