Location based reminders with iphone 4s siri in the uk

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Well for those of you in the UK that have struggled with this feature here is one solution to the problem, due to the limitations of siri in the UK this is probably the best work around how ever not particularly handy unless you visit the same location more than once.

This will also help those in other countries including the USA but its more likely to work naturally in the USA.

However tried and tested this method does work.
Firstly you will need a strong 3g connection or a WiFi connection.(can be done on slower speeds takes longer with map stage.)

Step 1. Open Maps app on iPhone and search for location or drop pin manually.

Step 2. Click on the blue arrow next to the place name tag and from the following page choose add to contacts at the bottom.

you may already have a contact for the place (dad’s house) etc. simply add to existing or create new contact.

Step 3. Once saved click edit top right.

Step 4. Scroll down to add field, tap add field.

Step 5. Scroll down to related people and tap on related people.

Step6. Scroll down to add field

usually it will automatically add Mother as the default.

Step 7. Tap Mother and scroll down to add custom label

Step 8. Name your custom label as the location ( this is what you will tell siri to use) click save (top right) then click cancel.
Mother should now have changed to your new label name.

Step 9. in the new label box where is says name write the same information as you just did for the label name.

(you may have to untick the mother label)

Step 10. Click done

Step 11. Exit all apps, press and hold home button to activate siri. say command “remind me to ????? when I arrive(or leave) at ???”(eg: remind me to ask a question about cameras when I arrive at Sussex cameras” …..all being well siri should do as he/she is told.

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